Another 10 Three-Way Rivalries

This list is the third part in a trilogy that began with Top 10 Intense Three-Way Rivalries, posted on November 16, 2010, and continued with 10 More Intense Three-Way Rivalries, posted on March 19, 2011. So if you haven’t read those, please feel free to check them out.

Since the completion of the second list, it seemed self-manifest that there should be a third and final installment, to wrap up the loose ends and make it a nice three. I will also, if I may, use this opportunity to invent a new word. It will describe an intense rivalry with three sides: Trivalry. So I hope everyone can enjoy and learn something new from my last list of intense three-way rivalries.


In the professional game of golf there are some big legends: Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods, to name a few. But the greatest of the greats very seldom ever competed against each other directly while in their primes. To find a truly great golf trivalry, we have to go back to the late-nineteenth/early-twentieth century when Harry Vardon, John Henry Taylor, and James Braid battled each other out on the links. This was known as the “Great Triumvirate” and between 1894 and 1913 they won 16 Open Championships between them, sometimes defeating each other narrowly in these events. (In those days the Open Championship AKA the British Open was the only “major” golf tournament. The U.S. Open paled in comparison in importance and prestige, and The Masters did not exist yet, nor did the PGA Tour.)

Vardon, a Jerseyman, defeated Taylor at the Open Championship in a 36-hole playoff in 1896 for his first Open victory and would go on to win a total of six Open titles, a record that still stands to this day. He also won the U.S. Open in 1900, defeating Taylor by 2 strokes. Braid, a Scotsman, won five beginning in 1901, and in addition to his prowess as a golfer was also an excellent course designer. In fact he is often credited with popularizing the dog-leg, where there is no direct line-of-sight from the tee to the green. Taylor, an Englishman, also won five Open Championships and like Braid was also a successful course designer.


In the Italian High Renaissance of the early 16th century, Leonardo da Vinci was the epidemical polymath who excelled in all things science and art. His Mona Lisa and Last Supper are among the very most well-known and analyzed paintings in history. Michelangelo, who was much younger than Leonardo and who by comparison could be seen as an upstart, was a genius in his own right who famously painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (not without controversy), but who specialized in sculpture and dabbled in public architecture. Nevertheless, and unfortunately, these two great contemporary minds despised each other, for reasons only fully understood by art history majors.

Like Michelangelo to Leonardo, Raphael hit the scene as a fresh new talent competing for lucrative commissions from the elites of Florence and Rome. Heavy influences from both Leonardo and Michelangelo are apparent in Raphael’s work, but primarily from Leonardo, thus ensuring Michelangelo’s hatred of both men all the more. During his lifetime, however, Raphael probably became more valued and revered than either of his forerunners, which is really saying something given how much Michelangelo (“The Divine”) was beloved. It wasn’t until much later that Raphael occupied a position a little bit below the other two men in historical esteem.

For those of you who are wondering, Donatello was a sculptor from a somewhat earlier period, and a fine talent for sure, but he simply doesn’t belong in the same category as the other three in terms of artistic influence or scope of work. And speaking of painting, a minor three-way rivalry exists today between the proponents of oil, acrylic, and watercolor.

The Battle at Kruger is the name of a roughly 8-minute YouTube video from 2007 that depicts a fight between a herd of buffalo, a pack of lions, and a crocodile in a Wildlife park in Africa. In the video, which was captured by a tourist with a camcorder, the animals are fighting over a baby buffalo. The lions and the crocodile obviously want to eat it, and the adult buffaloes attempt to rescue it.

With several million views the video was certified viral and it won the YouTube Video Award for Best Eyewitness Video. Beyond that, you just have to see it for yourself.


My first list of three-way rivalries included match ups of American college football teams (Florida, Florida State, and Miami) and European football-soccer club teams (AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Juventus). Based on suggestions I received on that list, it was decided that a third rivalry deserved a mention, from the world’s other great football sport: Rugby.

The trivially between the Springboks of South Africa, the All Blacks of New Zealand, and the Wallabies of Australia is a spirited clash between the three colonially-British nations of the southern hemisphere. These rivals compete annually in the Tri Nations, and at the moment this list was conceived, were ranked #1, #2, and #3 globally by the IRB.

The Springboks last won the Rugby World Cup in 2007, but as defending champions were eliminated by Australia in the 2011 tournament. They also famously won the Cup in 1995, in a tournament they hosted and in which they participated for the first time, having missed the first two Rugby World Cups for political reasons. In that contest, they defeated Australia in the Group Stage and New Zealand in the Final. This was the subject of the movie Invictus starring Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela.

Australia is the current champion (last played in 2011) of the Tri Nations championship, as well as the holders of the Mandela Challenge Plate trophy, which they have competed for against South Africa since 2000. New Zealand, however, is the current champion of the RWC, who as host defeated Australia in the semi-final in October 2011. New Zealand also has fared well in the Tri Nations championship, winning it 10 times in its 16-year existence.

Jehovahs Witnesses

Nothing can compare to the historical enmity between the big three monotheistic religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Of course, there are major schisms within these. Islam has its Sunni and Shia. Christianity has its Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestants, and even Protestantism has its Lutherans, Methodists, Baptists, etc.

To find a really solid three-way rivalry, however, look no further than the 19th-century “cult” movements of Mormonism (Latter-Day Saints), Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Seventh-Day Adventism. Given the fact that all three are prone to fairly vigorous tract efforts, this trivalry plays out in scriptural debate on front porches and public corners across the globe.

From a theological perspective what’s most fascinating is how much their beliefs have in common, even while they appear to diverge so strenuously. For example, Jehovah’s witnesses believe that in the afterlife good and virtuous people (basically them) will live in a terrestrial paradise but not in the presence of God. Mormons on the other hand believe that they will live in a celestial paradise in the presence God, but that the iniquitous (basically, everybody but them) will live outside the presence of God in a terrestrial paradise. So either way, the fate of the Mormons remains the same.


During the French Wars of Religion (which, to review, were a series of bloody conflicts in late 16th century reformation France) three separate coalitions formed, all lead by a man named Henry. Hence the name War of the Three Henrys.

The three Henrys were as follows: Henry III, King of France, who lead the Royalists; Henry the King of Navarre, who lead the protestant Huguenots with Scottish allies; and Henry I, Duke of Guise who lead the Catholic League with Spanish allies. The history can get complicated, but it’s always safe to assume that the struggle was essentially over the control of wealth. By the time the dust had settled, Henry I had been murdered by Henry III’s guards and Henry of Navarre had become Henry IV of France.

Amusingly, this is not the only thing in history with that name. Another war, called the War of the Three Henries (spelled differently) occurred during the middle ages somewhere in or around Bavaria. Two dukes and a bishop (named Henry) revolted against the Holy Roman Emperor Otto II. The revolt was quickly squashed.


In the 2012 Marvel movie The Avengers, three very powerful individuals get tangled up in an epic clash of the egos. It’s the scene in the airplane/mountains and the three participants are Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man. As the fight progresses, like all good fights, it’s difficult to assess who will come out on top, and even though this outburst was short-lived and highly fictional it’s noteworthy on the intensity factor alone. Thor is a hammer-wielding Norse demigod, Captain America is a justice-wielding, justice-defending super-soldier with a shield of indestructibility, and Iron Man is a playboy billionaire that follows his own set of rules. Intense indeed.


The natural world is full of three-way rivalries that dictate the proper concert of the universe. Yet unlike the other items on this list, these rivalries are showcased in much subtler, more ever-present ways that we don’t always think about. They oppose against each other not to emerge triumphant, but to achieve a cohesive balance.

Take for example the three known fundamental forces: Gravity (the attraction between masses), Electromagnetism (the interaction between particles), and Nuclear Force (the interaction between the internal parts of an atom). Not even a star could shine without all three of these powers working in harmony.

Or consider the three forces acting on an object at rest on an inclined plane: Vertical Gravity (pulling the object directly down), Normal Force (exerted on the object by the slope, perpendicular to the slope), and Frictional Force (pulling on the object parallel to the slope).

Author’s note: I will openly admit that physics is not my strong suit, in fact it was the only class I ever got an F in. So please forgive my simplifications and feel free to use the comments to add or correct anything if you are disposed to do that sort of thing.


This entry is mostly self-explanatory, but in a free and open society (which not all are) the effort to became the community’s #1 news source might actually be Darwinism at its finest. This was illustrated to a hilariously violent degree in a scene from the 2004 Will Ferrell movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, when things, as he says, “escalate quickly.”

As with the Renaissance painters, the benefit of the rivalry gets passed on to the rest of us, in terms of integrity and trust they must maintain, but also usually with the weather girl’s cleavage.

Us Politics

The United States government was built on the premise of separation of powers. Notwithstanding, there has always been plenty of power up for grabs and the history of American politics is utterly rife with rivalries, and trivalries, among ambitious individuals, especially when it comes to the contest for the highest office in the land. Given the way the Constitution is written, the most natural of occurrences is for two political parties to form and dominate any election, which is the case today (discounting the Tea Party). Three notable exceptions to this rule are 1856, 1912, and 1948. These, I thought, were worth a brief examination.

In 1856, James Buchanan of the Democratic Party defeated John C. Fremont of the Republic Party and former president Millard Fillmore, who represented the Know Nothing Party at the time but who had served as president as a Whig. Buchanan is often designated as one of the worst presidents in American history (Listverse has him at #2). His administration saw the secession of South Carolina from the Union and consequently the beginning of the American Civil War. Luckily Abraham Lincoln, unwaveringly listed as the #1 greatest U.S. president, won in 1860, in a contest that was actually split four-ways.

In 1912, Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, defeated incumbent William Taft, a Republican, and another former president, Theodore Roosevelt of the Progressive or “Bull Moose” Party.

In 1948, incumbent Harry Truman defeated Thomas Dewey and Strom Thurmond in what is generally regarded as the biggest surprise victory in U.S. election history because Strom Thurmond ran as a member of the “States’ Rights Democratic Party” or “Dixiecrats,” which according to common sense would have split Truman’s vote in half. Also, Truman wasn’t that popular.

The most recent examples of substantial third-party involvement in U.S. presidential elections were probably 1992, when independent Ross Perot won 19% of the popular vote (a strong showing but not enough to earn him any electoral votes, what really matters) and 2000 with Ralph Nader of the Green Party who, despite earning less than 3% of the national vote in all likelihood determined the election’s outcome. In Florida, Nader received 97,488 votes – the majority of which would have almost indisputably gone to Al Gore otherwise. By final count George W. Bush carried the state by a margin of only 537 votes (less than 1% of 1%) and received the state’s 25 electoral votes needed to give him the White House. Since then, third party candidates have really fallen out of style.

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Paul Rudd Battles Stephen Hawking At Quantum Chess In Amusing Video

An unlikely battle took place in California last night: Paul Rudd and Stephen Hawking had a not-so-friendly match of quantum chess, a variation of the classic game thatemploys the laws of quantum mechanics to make things more interesting.

The video, which you cancheck outbelow, is narrated by “future Keanu Reeves” and was debuted at the Caltech event One Entangled Evening, which kicked off a special one-day conference on the future of quantum technology.

Scripted in Caltechs Institute for Quantum Information and Matter (IQIM) and directed by “Bill & Ted”actorand director Alex Winter, the short video had Hollywood actor Paul Rudd challenging Dr. Hawking to a game of quantum chess. Without spoiling anything, seeing Rudd try to learn quantum mechanics in a matter of hours is pretty funny, and the match itself proves once again that even complex concepts such as superposition or entanglement can be made accessible and entertaining.

“What sparked the idea for a celebratory event was the realization that Richard Feynman received the Nobel Prize in Physics 50 years ago last month,” saidJohn Preskill, director of the IQIM,in a statement.

“Aside from being a great scientist, Feynman was legendary for his success at conveying the excitement of science to broad audiences. We’ll be doing appropriate homage to Feynman if ‘One Entangled Evening’ turns out to be entertaining as well as inspiring for the audience.”

The first version of quantum chess was developed by undergraduate student Alice Wismath, at Queens University. It was based on rules set out by her professor, Selim Akl, which codify the principle of superposition into the rules of chess.

In Alices versions, every piece but the king is in a quantum superposition of two equivalent states. So for example, the piece located in the queen spot has a50 percent chance to be a queen and 50 percent chance to be a rook (or a knight, or a pawn, etc.). The superposition is fair (e.g. nobody gets extra queens) and the piece collapses in one of their two possibilities when theyre either moved or captured.

The IQIMs version, designed by USC graduate Chris Cantwell, has a different approach. The superposition is spatial: a single piece can occupy two squares at the same time with equal probability, and players are also allowed to use quantum entanglement. This means a piece can be linked to a different piece in superposition. The collapse of one will cause the other to collapse. This version makes it significantly harder for a player to capture pieces as neither player knows exactly where any superpositioned piece is at any one time.

The game is not available yet, but it will besoon when the Kickstarter campaign launches in February, according to Nerdist.

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Homecoming King Nominees Make Secret Pact To Crown An Unlikely Classmate

For most teenagers across the country, homecoming is an important rite of passage. For those who may not be familiar with this predominantly American tradition, homecoming is an event that usually serves to welcome back alumni of the school. It’s usually held in mid-late fall and generally revolves around a central event such as a banquet along with a sporting event (often either football or basketball). Additionally, there may be a parade and/or some other events allowing current students and alumni to interact with one another. 

One of the most important parts of homecoming to many high school students, however, is the opportunity to win the coveted title of Homecoming King/Queen. Every school holds nominations for the homecoming court, usually one boy and one girl (though some schools have added additional positions like Duke/Duchess), and then the student body selects their King and Queen via a secret ballot. In most cases, it’s yet another trophy for the popular/athletic kids to add to their mantles, but in 2013, three kids decided to do something extraordinary.

At Community High School in Unionville, Tennessee, seniors Zeke Grissom, Drew Gibbs and Jesse Cooper were all nominated for the honor of Homecoming King. Secretly, however, the boys made a pact – if any of them won, they would hand over the crown to their mutual friend, Scotty Maloney. Maloney was born with neurodevelopmental disorder that makes it hard for him to learn like normal people, but makes him very friendly and outgoing. The three teens greatly valued his ability to bring smiles to all their classmates, so the decision to give him the crown was an easy one.

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Soccer Stars Unite to Save Earth in Apocalyptic Samsung Ad

Take the basic premise of Space Jam, swap basketball for soccer and add the production value of Armageddon. What do you get? This creative new Samsung ad.

The spot cooks up a fictitious scenario in which Earth’s only chance to survive a gathering menace from outer space is by assembling an epic soccer squad to play one match for the freedom of humanity. There are no half-measures in this project: the ad is nearly four minutes long, while the “Galaxy 11” campaign has a very slick and robust website of its own.

If you’re wondering just who Samsung picked to hypothetically save the human race in this hypothetically most important sporting event of all time, the roster is: Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Aleksandr Kerzhakov, Landon Donovan, Wayne Rooney, Iker Casillas, Lee Chung-Yong, Radamel Falcao, Victor Moses, Stephan El Shaarawy, Wu Lei, Oscar (he’s Brazilian, hence the single name) and Mario Götze.

The all-star lineup and Hollywood premise means the ad has already scored a golazo with fans online. The video has already racked up more than 3.3 million YouTube views since Wednesday.

But it’s not the only creative, ambitious and rather lengthy sports-themed spot to hit the web this week. This ad for Molson beer, below, tells the apparently true story of two Canadian buddies who trek halfway around the world to surprise a third friend living in a remote Indonesian village with everything he needs to watch the 2014 Winter Olympics.

It’s an ad, of course, so the trip isn’t possible without Molson’s help:

Image: Samsung

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Hank Williams Jr. takes on Obama, big government with new track!/SaddleBum/status/222780134644645888

Are you ready for some hardball? Hank Williams Jr. released a new 12-song album today that takes on the EPA, ESPN, political correctness, social media, the housing market crash and President Obama — and that’s just one song.

Williams was dropped from “Monday Night Football” last fall after making comments on “Fox and Friends” comparing Obama’s and House Speaker John Boehner’s golf outing to a hypothetical friendship between Adolf Hitler and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He quickly fired back with the single “Keep the Change.”

Though the lyrics to “Take Back Our Country” cut a wide swath, Williams reserves two lines for a direct attack on President Obama: “Hey Barack, pack your bags, head to Chicago/Take your teleprompter with you so you’ll know where to go.”

I kind of agree with what Hank Williams Jr said…is that bad? #obamasucks #anyoneelsein2012

— e-Patriotic American (@RedLugh) July 11, 2012

Excellent to this tea partying TXMom, Hank! Don’t Tread On Me! Hank Williams Jr.-Take Back Our Country: via @youtube

— TXMom (@TXMomlaughs) July 11, 2012

Williams certainly does sound confident on the new track. Can we have some of whatever he’s having?

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Actress Sophia Bush invokes her lady parts for some inexplicable reason!/SophiaBush/status/260605032792199168

Hollywood Women for Obama charter member Sophia Bush, the outspoken liberal actress last seen bashing Ann Romney and pretending to know that the article she was spreading to her readers was fake, was in full Twitter frenzy tonight during the debate.

She chastised two female readers who disagreed with her politics and immediately went all Code Pinko on them.

@luciaholm @mosell12 I’m insulted, as a woman, that you think you have any business telling me not to prioritize my body & my health.

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

One of the Twitter followers tweeted her embarrassment at Ms. Bush’s “vagina”-mongering:

@sophiabush @mosell12 ‘bc I have a vagina’ dumbest thing uttered so far. I’m insulted as a woman that people are so ridiculous.

— Lucia Holm (@LuciaHolm) October 23, 2012

But as Twitchy has noted, the undaunted Ms. Bush has been on a tear for #TeamUterati since August.

And she just. Won’t. Shut. Up. About. It.

@tymarief Freedom of Speech. My twitter feed. And my vagina too. Perhaps it’s you who should #LearnSomeRespect

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 19, 2012

@sophiabush That’s funny. No one is arguing your right to be a vapid moron… Go for it… Good luck with that thinking/ talking vagina.

— digitalPimple (@digitalPimple) October 20, 2012

Guess she didn’t get the message:

Update: Nope, the message evidently did not transmit to the girly bits obsessed Sophia Bush.

@luciaholm @mosell12 I’m insulted, as a woman, that you think you have any business telling me not to prioritize my body & my health.

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

And, then she attacks Michelle Malkin. How dare a woman use her lady smarts, not her lady parts? Egads!

#NotShocked RT @political_edge: @michellemalkin @sophiabush what a surprise Malkin is attacking something she doesn’t understand

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

@fool_4_twitt_r @michellemalkin Don’t you know? We’re supposed to use terms like “lady parts” instead of commanding our bodies & our rights.

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

Oh, sweetie. Your Man-God Obama reduced all women to “lady parts.” It’s his term. Take it up with him, if he lets you out of the metaphorical kitchen long enough.

And, of course, here come the disgusting cries of “bad mommy.” Evidently, it makes you a bad mother if you use your brain and have the courage of your convictions.

I wonder if @michellemalkin teaches her children to pointlessly bully & name call people, the way she does? #letdown yet also #amused

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

@thejoeyparker @michellemalkin I just love it when moms attack other women instead of supporting them. A wonderful example for the kids!

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

Hey, Sophia, you know what isn’t a wonderful example? Teaching children that women are the sum of their girly bits only. Or teaching children that women are just a bunch of “Julias” who need to be shackled and enslaved by the government, because the poor dears just can’t make it on their own.

@thejoeyparker @michellemalkin Michelle seems to think “vagina” is an awful word, but saying “Code Pinko” is classy for a journalist. Indeed

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

Because, Vagina Squirrel!

#women RT @thejoeyparker: It disgusts me @michellemalkin would ridicule @sophiabush! SB is such a positive voice of this generation #Respect

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

Respect? Oh, that’s rich. Look in your disrespectful mirror, Sophia.

@andiprincess no, I supported honest call-outs in the debate. And found it amusing that they were being called “attacks.” Very different.

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

Recognizing hypocrisy is hard. As is self-awareness, clearly.

@rwbbobb yeah, that’s what @michellemalkin is trying to sell. And it’s pathetic. #WomensRights

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

Oooh I’ve kicked the hornet’s nest, haven’t I? @michellemalkin has resorted to calling me “sweetie” & “trifling” b/c I’m not afraid to 1/2

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

@michellemalkin you screen grabbed what, 4or5 tweets of mine? Out of nearly 10K? Oh yes. Just incessant. Let’s not with the “sweetie” talk.

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

Oh, sweetie. Or is cupcake better? We’ll go with that one.

@michellemalkin oh I just laughed out loud! An actual LOL. And I never type that. Thank you. It was a good one #WomenSupportingWomen #Almost

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

@mf_ball I’m actually discussing my body in regards to access to ultrasounds, cancer screenings, etc. but Malkin is sure working hard 1/2

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

@mf_ball to make it all about sexuality. It’s pathetic actually. And insulting to women. 2/2

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

What’s insulting to women is not recognizing that their “lady parts” include functioning brains.

@michellemalkin I’ve mentioned many facets of reproductive health care actually, but nice try, “sweetie.”

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

@posydozy no kidding. #vagina #vagina #vagina

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

.@michellemalkin oh honey. So you’re a big gal bully AND you have no sense of humor? Who peed in your Cheerios this morning?

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

I’m all for spirited debate, differing opinions, and the rights to have them. But most of all, I’m for kindness & #WomenSupportingWomen 1/2

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

So you can imagine my surprise at being called “trifling/cunt/bitch/whore/etc” by Malkin’s cronies for using the word “vagina.” Wow. 2/2

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

Lucky for me, anonymous strangers slanging insults on the Internet won’t make me give up my right to free speech! #WomenSupportingWomen

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

She just wants everyone who isn’t uterus-obsessed to shut up and get back in the kitchen.

And, of course, Sophia Bush must end with total class.

She likes my bush. RT @sacca: @sophiabush Yes! You have literally inspired an obsession by the Tea Party’s self-proclaimed pinup girl.

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

@darealbaileyvip I think she’s got a crush?

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

And she retweeted this class act.

Then had the gall to tweet this.

@michellemalkin as did yours. Horrifying things. But I’m asking mine to stop with that inanity. I doubt you’ll do the same. #sweetdreams

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 23, 2012

Ha! Don’t make promises that you clearly can’t keep, Sophia.

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Community Post: 14 Reasons Why You Should Give 2014 Winter Olympics Another Chance

1. U.S. Olympic team members Gus Kenworthy and Amanda Bird plan to adopt a number of Sochi’s stray dogs.

Twitter: @guskenworthy / Via Twitter

2. And Gus is live tweeting his puppies’ statuses.

Twitter: @guskenworthy / Via Twitter

3. The Jamaican Bobsled team is back after a 12-year hiatus. / Via Fansided

4. With the Jamaican team in dire need of financial support a few months before Sochi, they turned to the interwebs. Fans all over the world raised over $129K on crowdfunding site crowdtilt. / Via crowdtilt

5. And they have a catchy new theme song with 8-bit computer graphics. Check it out here: / Via YouTube

6. Michael Christian Martinez is the first Olympic figure skater born and bred in the Philippines. He’s also Southeast Asia’s first Olympic figure skating contender EVER.

AP Photo/Ivan Sekretarev / Via

7. Since the Philippines has no snow, Michael learned how to ice skate in a shopping mall ice rink before continuing his training in the U.S. and Russia. / Via Where In Manila Blog

8. USA Hockey team beats Russia Hockey team. ‘Nuff said.

AP Photo/Morry Gash / Via

9. Meredith Viera becomes the first woman ever to serve as a solo host for primetime Olympic coverage. / Via The Hollywood Reporter

10. Gold medal winner Swiss cross country skier Dario Cologna waits 30 minutes to shake hands with last place finisher. / Via Business Insider

11. Russian Olympians Kseniya Ryzhova and Yulia Guschina kiss to defy Russia’s anti-gay legislation. / Via Voice of America

12. Yuzuru Hanyu is the first Japanese male figure skater to win a gold medal.

Via Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

13. After experiencing the 2011 earthquake in Japan leaving him unable to use his local skating rink for months, Yuzura relied on visualizing his jumps.

Robert Cianflone / Getty Images / Via

14. Aaaaand Bob Costas is back from “sitting out” a few days due to his eye infection. HUMANITY RESTORED! / Via Sports Travel Magazine

Sorry Matt Lauer. We want Costas.

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Russian Gay Safe Sex Commercials

The not-widely-viewed spots are from early 2011. We’re posting them because the Putin government certainly doesn’t endorse them, if they’ve even seen them.

The ads are by LaSky, an HIV/STD prevention non-profit. They’re both quite clumsy and unsubtle—the hockey helmet one is especially silly. But this is Russia, so anything is better than nothing.

And: How many times have we seen gay men embracing in a bedroom in an American safe sex PSA?

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11 Reasons Nick Saban Should Leave Alabama For Texas

1. Austin.

Honestly, the argument could and should end right here. Austin is an exciting and vibrant city that like Tuscaloosa revolves around a university. However, unlike Tuscaloosa, Austin has a lot more to offer beyond said university, namely culture, history, and barbequed meat.

2. He gets bored.

Chris Greythen / Getty

Robert B. Stanton / Getty

Brian Bahr / Getty


Okay, maybe bored is the wrong word, but Nick Saban certainly gets antsy. This is his seventh season as head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide, which is already three years longer than any other tenure in his 41 year coaching career. Saban has been relatively impulsive when pursuing coaching jobs. Over the course of his career he has never hesitated to jump to new job. He’s straight up lied to fans (see: Dolphins, Miami), but he hasn’t hesitated to job to a new job. You know he’s gotta be getting antsy right now.

3. He’ll be able to help Texas finally secede.

Let’s be honest, Mack Brown could never lead a successful secession plan. He just doesn’t have that air about him that says, “hey, I’m gonna lead this beautifully shaped state in a civil war against 49 not-so-elegantly shaped states and make Texas its own country.” Nick Saban is pure confidence. I’m 99% sure he could lead the Houston Astros to a NBA title.

4. Money.

Brian Bahr / Getty

When the Saban-to-Texas rumors started circulating, they came with it a jaw-dropping figure: $10 million. The highest paid coach in sports right now is the New Orleans Saints’ Sean Payton, who stands to make $8 million this season after signing a new contract. If Saban were to be offered $10 million to coach Texas, it would be an insanely alluring offer and make him the highest paid coach of anything in the United States. It would also nearly double his $5.3 million current salary at Alabama.

5. Golf.

Jeff Gross / Getty

Maybe I should extend this to leisure activities in general, but there is no doubt that Austin has better golf options than Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In fact, the Golf Channel ranked Austin as the No. 5 buddy golf trip. Tuscaloosa does not appear anywhere in the rankings, and as any middle-aged millionaire knows — golf is important.

6. Idiots like Harvey Updyke Jr.

Let me be the first to say it: in my multiple trips to Tuscaloosa I’ve had nothing but great encounters with Alabama fans who have nothing but nice things to say to me. In fact, I was almost thrown off by how incredibly hospitable they were to my yankee ass. I also know that every team has their asshole fans who ruin their reputations. However, as Sir Charles Barkley says, “we have an abundance of rednecks in Alabama who screw it up for all the cool people in Alabama.” Austin just has cool people. Right, Matthew McConaughey? Right.

7. Bevo > Big Al

Erich Schlegel / Getty

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Why is Alabama’s mascot a elephant? Wait, don’t tell me. I don’t care.

8. Lake Parties.

Nick Saban may seem like a crusty old man, but he’s still a man, and a man needs a place to let loose every once in a while and that place is Lake Travis. As far as I know there are zero epic party lakes in the greater Tuscaloosa area. This is very important for a college football coach because he works in a high-stress environment. We all know Nick Saban has probably been thinking about buying a sweet pontoon boat for a while now — here’s his chance.

9. Recruiting.

Texas is the most fertile recruiting ground in the country — hands down. The school recruits itself. The best athletes in the country grow up dreaming of playing for the University of Texas. I realize you can say the same about Alabama, but there is simply more talent in Texas — it’s a numbers game.

10. Live music.

Austin is famously the live music capital of the world, and it’s a well-known fact that Nicholas likes his music live. In fact, word on the street is that Saban frequently complains to his wife about Tuscaloosa’s excess shitty Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute bands. (I made that up.)

11. He’ll never be bigger than Bear Bryant.

Nick Saban wants to be a legend. He wants to considered among the greatest coaches in NCAA history, and truth be told, he is well on his way. Saban has already won four national championships (three at Alabama and one at LSU), but the truth is no matter what he does at Alabama he’ll never be bigger than Bear Bryant. Even if Saban one day surpasses Bryant’s six national championships (which he very well could), he will never leave as big a mark on the program and the houndstooth-clad legend. The Crimson Tide play in a stadium named after Bryant. Every ‘Bama fan has at least one article of clothing made of houndstooth because of Bear Bryant. No matter how many championships he wins or NFL first rounders he churns out he’ll always be in Bryant’s shadow. No one is going to wear his Panama Jack hats to games in 30 years. But if he becomes the guy who revived Alabama and Texas? Greatest of all time.

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Chris Kluwe’s Former Teammate Defends Minnesota Vikings Coach, Organization

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One of Chris Kluwe’s former teammates has come out in support of the Minnesota Vikings’ front office and coaching staff after Kluwe accused them of releasing him because of his advocacy for LGBT issues.

“Contrary to Chris’ statements, they have promoted a workplace environment that was conducive for success,” Vikings placekicker Blair Walsh said in a written statement. “At no time did I ever feel suppressed or that I could not be myself.”

In a post on Deadspin yesterday, Kluwe laid out a chain of events that he claims led to his eventual release, starting in the summer of 2012 when he was approached for assistance by a Minnesota-based group called Minnesotans for Marriage Equality. He said a day after Deadspin published a letter he’d written to Maryland delegate Emmett C. Burns Jr. “chastising him for trampling the free-speech rights of Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo,” then-Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier called him in for a meeting to discourage him from speaking out about his support for same-sex marriage rights.

Kluwe also said Vikings special teams coordinator Mike Priefer started using homophobic language in his presence and singled him out for verbal abuse despite little change in his on-field performance. Kluwe alleges Priefer, in a meeting with players, said, “We should round up all the gays, send them to an island, and then nuke it until it glows.”

Walsh, who was a teammate with Kluwe for only one season — 2012, defended Priefer but didn’t explicitly refute Kluwe’s specific claims.

“I have had countless conversations and interactions with Coach Priefer, and I personally can attest to his integrity and character,” Walsh said. “His professionalism in the workplace is exemplary, and I firmly believe that my teammates would whole-heartedly agree. The allegations made today are reprehensible and totally not compatible with what Mike Priefer stands for.”

The Vikings declined to make long snapper Cullen Loeffler, who once teamed with Kluwe and former kicker Ryan Longwell to make one of the longest-serving special teams trios in the league, available for comment.

Longwell, who was the Vikings’ kicker until 2011, also wasn’t immediately available for comment. But a couple of days ago on Twitter, Longwell spoke up on behalf of Frazier, who was fired last week as the Vikings’ head coach after little more than three seasons.

Kluwe expounded on his Deadspin post yesterday in an interview with Vocativ, saying that his work for LGBT equality made him expendable in the NFL.

“It’s just very much because you are replaceable in the NFL. It’s also [that] the NFL as a whole frowns on anything that is not the NFL. They want players to be quiet, they want players to go out, play the game, and think about football from the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep,” Kluwe said. “It’s such a corporate mind-set in America. It’s not just the NFL, it’s everywhere else—you hear about people who screw up at their job and get themselves fired. We view the pursuit of money as more important than the pursuit of human rights.”

Former NFL player Brendon Ayanbadejo, who is also a prominent advocate for LGBT issues, echoed Kluwe’s comments in an interview with TMZ.

“I knew some of those things were happening. And I’d had heard that Kluwe had basically talked himself out of Minnesota before they released him,” Ayanbadejo said. “But for him to reveal some of the stuff— the homophobic language. And basically the same thing that happened to him happened to me last year with Delegate Burns from Baltimore who told me to cease and desist. They basically told him to cease and desist and be silent and he said he wasn’t going to do that.”


Patrick Burke, president of the You Can Play Project and player safety director for the NHL, said that he’d been in touch with Kluwe after some earlier tweets that some perceived as less-than supportive of Kluwe.

“Great email exchange with Chris Kluwe over the past hour or so. Definitely appreciate his article more having heard more from him,” Burke tweeted late last night. “I (obviously, I hope) think Chris raised valid concerns and after hearing more about his motivations, I’m glad he did. His methods are not my methods, but he isn’t me, so who cares. I should not have presented myself in a way that appeared to be against what he did just because I would have handled it differently. There was a massive misunderstanding about what I was trying to express and what was expressed. My concern was for the fallout for other players who wanted to speak out. I still think NFL players should know that they CAN speak out in a variety of ways on LGBT (or other social issues).”

Burke also said his group had been in contact with the NFL.

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