Stadium Goes Nuts For Military Dad’s Homecoming Surprise


The best highlight from America’s college football weekend doesn’t involve a quarterback, running back or wide receiver. Instead, it comes courtesy of Sergeant First Class Scott Faile and his overjoyed family.

Words can’t do this tear-jerker of a homecoming video much justice, but here’s a brief synopsis: Faile’s wife, son and daughter were honored as the “military family of the game” with an on-field ceremony before South Carolina’s home game against Georgia on Saturday.

The game’s 85,000 attending fans were audibly touched as they watched the family receive a video-board message from Faile, who’s been serving in Korea. But when Faile walked onto the field in full uniform seconds later, his family and the packed stands completely lost their cool.

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The video has become a hit with sports fans — and pretty much any other human with a pulse — since appearing on YouTube this weekend. Check it out for yourself above, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Behind-the-Back Grab May Be College Football’s Catch of the Year


Nebraska wide receiver Jordan Westerkamp (1) makes a catch behind his back against Florida Atlantic defensive back Christian Milstead (18) from a throw by Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong Jr., in the second half of an NCAA college football game in Lincoln, Neb., Saturday, Aug. 30, 2014.
Image: Nati Harnik/Associated Press

If you’re still catching up after a Labor Day weekend spent off the grid, there’s one play from college football‘s opening Saturday that you absolutely need to see.

With four months to go in the season, Nebraska wide receiver Jordan Westerkamp may have already nabbed college football’s catch of the year.

In the third quarter of Nebraska’s 55-7 blowout win over Florida Atlantic on Saturday, Westerkamp managed to secure a tipped pass behind his back while still staying in bounds to complete the first down. Here’s a look.

It’s even more impressive in this clip, which comes complete with slow-motion replays.

College football’s national championship game is Jan. 12. We’ll see if anyone can top Westerkamp’s behind-the-back grab between now and then.

Soccer player is awkwardly carried off the field

In the medic’s defense, the stretcher is too short for that dude. But still.

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This Is What Democracy Looks Like When A Nerd Does It

If you’ve ever wondered how a filibuster works but haven’t had the patience to sit down and actually watch one (Don’t. They’re pretty boring unless Wendy Davis is speaking.), fret no more. Patton Oswalt stopped by the set of “Parks and Recreation” recently and improvised this hilarious example by talking entirely off the top of his head for eight minutes straight about what he thinks the plot of the new “Star Wars” movie should be.
My favorite part, of course, is Amy Poehler’s interjection at 5:35.

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Pitch Invading Dogs Interrupt Soccer Matches in Argentina and Brazil (Video)

A dog interrupts the Rosario Central vs River Plate soccer match in Argentina and takes a dump in the middle of the field:

There was anther canine pitch invader in Brazil, at the lower league match between Remo and Paysandu. All this dog wanted is a piece of the action:

Both videos via Deadspin.

Viral Video Recap: Animals in the Snow, Anna Kendrick and the Muppets

This week’s viral video recap has animals seeing snow for the first time and Super Bowl commercials — including the Super Bowl advertisement that never was.

The joy of seeing snow for the first time can be a magical experience. Even more so for Sophie the Cat and a polar bear at the Toronto Zoo. Both are anxious at first, and then quickly fall in love with the snow.

But on this big game day, the videos that matter are those pertaining to the Super Bowl, or, in one case, an advertisement that won’t even make it on air during the Super Bowl. Anna Kendrick’s commercial for Newcastle Brown Ale has been making the rounds since last week, but just because it’s a bit anti-Super Bowl doesn’t mean it isn’t still awesome.

Finally, Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem from The Muppets came back in full style, along with the muscle-bound actor Terry Crews. This time it’s not an Old Spice advertisement, but something a little more music-driven, along with a special appearance from Kermit the Frog.

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3D Drawings That I Create To Confuse People

I am a self-taught, 30 year old guy from Serbia. Actively engaged in drawing less than 3 years. They said that I always had a talent for drawing, but I didn’t have interest for this.

I started drawing portraits and it was hard, there were great artists which in this holy will never achieve (maybe one day), so I decided to draw something different, something rear. 3D is something what people like and I want to be the best at this. I am using colored pencils, markers and pastel. Inspiration is everywhere, just need to catch it.

3D frog, colored pencils

3D watermelon slice, colored pencils

3D Harley Davidson, black and white markers and pencils

3D Coca Cola can, colored pencils

3D elegant shoe, black markers and pencils

3D tomato, faber castell polychromos, red and black marker, white pen and airbrush

3D Mustang, graphite powder, black marker, white pencil

3D soccer ball

3D magnum

3D rat

3D egg

3D Tyrannosaurus Rex, faber castell polychromos

3D Deadpool

3D Converse shoes

Watch this video to see how it looks from the other side:

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School Kids Play With Soccer Stars in Charming Candid Video

Manchester United and Netherlands star Robin van Persie hosted his annual soccer festival for kids recently in Rotterdam. At one point during the event, he and two other pros — Karim Touzani and Tonny Vilhena — took some time for a quick game of keep-away with a few of the young players. The result — the video, above — has become a hit on the sports web with more than 400,000 views in just two days.

The video has captured sports fans’ imaginations for two main reasons. First: van Persie’s jaw-dropping skills as he shows off and messes around in ways we don’t typically see in his more serious matches. Second, and perhaps even cooler: the joyful reaction of spectators and the kids at getting such an up-close encounter with one of their soccer heroes.

Check it out for yourself above, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Homepage image courtesy of YouTube, FGols7i

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20 Hilarious (And At Times Disturbing) Face Swaps That’ll Have You Laughing

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but face swapping is real…

…at least, it is for people who have a smartphone and the appropriate app (Snapchat or Face Swap Live).

Sometimes the results are pretty boring, other times, they’re absolutely hilarious…and then there are those times when things are just plain freaky. Check these out…

1. Pure terror.

2. This should just never be allowed to happen.

3. I really wish the tattoos had transferred, too.

4. I’ve decided…grown men and babies should never be allowed to do this.

5. More proof.

6. Sitting on Santa’s lap is already scary enough.

7. Well, this is my nightmare.

8. How does this even happen?

9. Look at the tire’s rim!

10. This is just all of the terrible.

11. How does a pregnant belly register as a face?

12. Cat eyes are cool…until you put them on a human face.

13. Hand? Nah, that’s definitely a face.

14. Scariest costume? Face swap for the win.

15. I mean, that chicken’s hot factor went up…the woman terrifies me, though.

16. This makes me want to cry, too.

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17. Then there are people who just take to Photoshop for face swaps…this is genius.

18. Family holiday cards have to be horrible. It’s the law.

19. I really want to do this with my dog now.

20. YES.

All of these are equal parts horrible, hilarious, and just plain awesome.

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